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Silver Linings: Before, During and After Cancer
- A Cancer Wellness & Information Day

Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019   
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM     
Place: Callander Community Centre - 
1984 Swale St, Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Admission: By donation

What are we planning?: Cancer Wellness Day

We plan on doing a Cancer Wellness day for anyone who wants to learn or help:

1. Booths of resources & products: mostly locally available

2. Fundraising: To make a North Bay Regional Resources Website. See below.

3. Hopefully the beginnings of a support network in the greater North Bay area.

Our Ultimate Goal is to build a Nipissing Cancer Community Website of Quality of Life Cancer Resources:

Most of the support services are offered through the Sudbury Cancer Centre. These are offered through video conferences and by going to Sudbury, but they only get offered during the chemo phase. Most of the questions that I needed to resolve had to be worked through before that. Finances, work, expectations etc. Wig places in Sudbury were mentioned but what about here? Physio; who will guide you through recovery?

We mostly found our way through ourselves. But it’s a low energy time and it would be better if this was all laid out. With a regional website we could have good information and resource-access all the way through.